Customer Success Manager


  • You are responsible for advocating for customer needs, desires, likes, dislikes, and first and foremost – results via our programs to the entire team
  • All customers are onboarded in exceptional and speedy manner 
  • Increasing customer adoption (top priority)
  • Use feedback from leadership, teammates, and customers to increase client activation, onboarding, and improve client retention and experience
  • Implement regular customer surveys to gather feedback on experience and measure responses to make informed decisions on product updates and changes
  • Policies and procedures to optimize customer success are documented, communicated and implemented to ensure a consistent experience for all customers
  • Put out timely and effective client communication regarding any updates and changes to any program
  • Start a biweekly newsletter to keep clients abreast on updates, new products and upcoming events
  • Serve as the first POC for escalation calls and emails, always resolving customer upsets via phone or zoom call
  • Ensure that the Strategic Team is informed of customer trends along with suggestions of how to mitigate anything negative
  • Implement KPI tracking around: Customer LTV, Customer Health Score, Ascension percentage, First contact resolution rate, Customer churn rate and share weekly with Leadership team
  • Recruit, interview, hire, train and manage customer success team (when needed) 


  • Multiple years of experience working as a CSM or in Customer Experience
  • Extremely detail oriented and obsessed about every little step in the customer journey
  • Able to self-direct and properly manage one’s time
  • Ability to manage other team members
  • Ability to maintain the strictest confidentiality both internally and externally
  • Experience in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers 
  • Excellent communication skills, both with clients and cross-departmentally
  • Ability to work under high stress and pressing deadlines with an added sense of professionalism
  • Able to make autonomous decisions on how to handle customers based on company moral/values and set guidelines
  • Able to handle difficult conversations regarding upset customers and de-escalate those situations
  • Must be flexible and able to work additional hours/weekends/holidays if the situation warrants it
  • Able to multitask efficiently and without issues
  • Generally reachable and responsive to Slack during working hours
  • Tech savvy and knows how to set up and use all the systems that would be required for the role (such as Sales Force, Hubspot etc.) 


  • $65,000/year salary – flexible
  • Fully remote, work from home and from anywhere in the world
  • Rapidly growing company with huge potential
  • Exciting and impactful role


Fully remote, work from home and from anywhere in the world

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$65,000/year salary – flexible